Wireless Transfer to HDFC Bank in India

You can do a wireless transfer of funds from a local bank located outside India to the HDFC Bank Account of the beneficiary in India. You can ask your local bank in the foreign country to do the wireless transaction to HDFC bank branch in India and it is done through the correspondent banks of HDFC bank branches that are available around the world. This mode of transfer is also referred to as the Telegraphic / Wire Transfer. You can also open foreign currency Fixed Deposit via remittance through wire transfer.

You can get the details of Fees & Charges of wireless transfer by clicking on the link below


HDFC Bank in India In order to process the wireless transfer to HDFC account in India, you need to submit certain mandatory details in the remittance form such as HDFC Bank’s Nostro Account number, HDFC Bank’s SWIFT Code, Beneficiary’s account number with HDFC Bank and others. You should ensure not to mention the NRE/NRO savings account number while remitting funds for FCNR Deposit. This is to avoid the funds getting converted to Indian currency. In fact, you can mention the customer ID number for reference. The telegraphic transfer includes the transfer of the money from any part of the world to beneficiary‚Äôs HDFC Bank account. In addition to that the facilities of cheque and DD transfers are also available with HDFC bank.

If you want to transfer the money from the Middle East to India then it can be done via partner exchange houses of HDFC Bank. The time frame of transferring the money in HDFC bank account of the beneficiary in such cases is 24 hrs. You can also issue the Demand Drafts within 3 days. The services of local cheque box are offered by HDFC Bank in both US and UK.

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