Wireless Transfer to Axis Bank in India

You can take the benefits of various International Inward Remittances offered by Axis Bank for its customers. You can make the transfer of funds to the beneficiary account in India through SWIFT. For this, you need to ask your local bank to transfer the funds and these are routed through the corresponding Axis Bank branch in foreign country to beneficiary Bank branch in India. Axis Bank ensures quick and easy transfer of the funds along with the complete assurance of security and safety of funds. You can also get the status of the transaction via email from the Axis Bank.

Wireless Transfer to Axis Bank in India Axis Bank facilitates the transfer of funds via six recognized currencies including USD, AUD, CAD, EURO, GBP, and JPY. The SWIFT message is among the highly efficient and secure procedure of fund transfer. Axis Bank has arrangements with more than 200 major banks throughout the globe that receive SWIFT messages. Majority of these branches are globally linked via SWIFT that ensures the remittances can be done securely from worldwide locations.

Axis Bank fund Transfer through Telex comes to your rescue when you do not have SWIFT facilities available from the place where you are remitting funds from. Axis bank has major arrangements with banks worldwide. Moreover, it is also possible to send the remittances via demand draft that are payable at the Axis bank branches.

Axis Bank and the Times of Money allow the customers to avail the online remittance service via Remit2India. It facilitates the easy transfer of money over more than 6,000 locations spreading throughout the country. Using this service, the money gets delivered in your beneficiary account directly. It is also possible for you to track the status of transaction online. You can avail one of the many options for transmitting the funds into beneficiary account in India from foreign locations.

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