Wire Transfer with Andhra Bank

Andhra Bank provides the facilities of wire transfer for sending funds electronically to its customers. The Remittance facilities available to Non-residents includes remitting funds to India via Wire Transfer (through SWIFT facilities), Cheque Issue, Cheque Mail Box Facility, Remittance via Exchange Houses and remittance via Western Union Money Transfer facility.

Customers are free to remit the funds to their home countries for all types of investments

Except for investments in business of chit fund, Agricultural or plantation activities, Nidhi Company,

Real estate business, construction of farm houses with few exceptions, trading in Transferable Development Rights.

Andhra Bank allows the transfer of funds in twelve major currencies and it also maintains the accounts with 21 Banks throughout the globe.

In order to send the remittances to India via Andhra Bank, Non-resident Indians can take the following steps.

Wire Transfer with Andhra Bank (1) Sending request for remittance in the enclosed format to the bankers

(2) Banks can debit the accounts of customers and arrange for the transfer of funds via Swift facility.

The Swift details of our Bank for remittances in various currencies are mentioned below:

Remittances in US $

Bank Details : CITIBANK N.A., NEW YORK (ROUTING No. ABA 031000089)

A/c number : 36153818

Swift Code : CITIUS33

Remittances in Euro/GBP


A/C number : 499/08058088/11/ 888

Swift Code : DRESDEFF

The process of wire transfer is very convenient as it helps in quick transfer of money to distant locations. It has become preferred mode of payment as it does not involve the hassles of sending money by traditional methods. Andhra Bank is providing the remittance services for the NRI that want an easy way to send money back home or making various payments.

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