Wire Transfer via IndusInd Bank

IndusInd Bank is offering the services of Wire Transfer that allows the customers to enjoy the facilities of quick and reliable transfer of funds electronically. The wire transfer is regarded as the secure and globally accepted remittance that is popular. IndusInd Bank is currently a member of a SWIFT Organization and it also enjoys the wide network of more than 250 banks that are located across the world in various countries. Thus, it helps in the transfer of funds that covers the major currencies.

Steps for making the wire transfer:

Wire Transfer via IndusInd Bank (1) Customer needs to approach his local bank branch in foreign location and request them to credit the specified amount from his account with the correspondent bank in his desired currency

(2) It is advised that the customers should mention the ‘OUR’ in the charges column in case of sending the wire transfer.

(3)The time frame for the funds to reach the account is 24-48 banking hours from the time request is placed with the sender’s bank.

(4) The payment is processed within 24 banking hours after the funds are received into the IndusInd Bank account

The local bank branch of the sender may apply the charges for the wire transfer.

The wire transfer facility of the IndusInd bank offers the attractive ‘Foreign Exchange’ rate in case of conversion of the funds. Also, there is no limit on the maximum amount that could be sent via this mode. The Foreign Currency Conversion Charge of INR 50 is applied and it is deducted from the amount to be received by the beneficiary.

As per the rules and regulations of the RBI, all incoming and outgoing Remittances compulsorily contain the account number, name and address of the remitter in the payment message It is done so as to prevent as well as detect wire transfers for funding illegal and terrorist activities.

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