Wire Transfer to State Bank of India

If you are residing in the United States and need to wire Transfer the money to SBI and its Associate Banks in India, then you can apply for a wire transfer to your local branch. You need to request your bank for routing the wire transfer through State Bank of India, New York branch. You are required to submit the details like Beneficiary Name, Address, Account No, Beneficiary Branch, Branch Code, Branch Address, City, and Swift Code. The


The Transmission Time begins onwards from day of receipt of funds by SBI, New York. There are more than 450 branches of SBI that possess the SWIFT facility and the beneficiary will receive funds on the next banking day in India. You may click on the following link to view the list of SWIFT-facility branches of SBI in India.


State Bank of IndiaIf your beneficiary branch does not have the SWIFT facility then it will receive funds through a nearby SWIFT-facility branch.

The process of Conversion to Indian rupees is basically done by the Indian SWIFT-facility branch that receives the SWIFT message. The exchange rate between dollar and Indian Rupees cannot be known in advance because of difference in time zones. You can track the progress of your remittance online, by getting yourself enrolled at the internet banking service of the SBI branch where you have account in India. In case you want to make inquiries about the wire transfers you can approach your bank. It is recommended that you can wait for normal transmission time period to be over before making inquiries about transmission.

The SWIFT CODE of SBI, New York Branch is SBINUS33 and ABA ROUTING NUMBER is 0260-0914-0

You can get the charges attached with the wire transfer by clicking on the link below


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