Wire Transfer to ICICI bank in India

You can transfer the funds to any ICICI bank branch in India by using the wire transfer. In fact, using the ICICI Bank’s Wire Transfer is the easiest offline methods for sending money to your family and friends in India. Thus, it allows you to send money to any ICICI bank account in India. To do this, you need to visit your local branch and ask them to credit the beneficiary account with ICICI bank branch in your desired currency. You are required to mention the details of the ICICI Bank account held by the beneficiary.

ICICI bank in India The transmission time for funds to be deposited into the beneficiary account begins from the day you place the funds transfer request at your local bank and generally, it requires 24-48 banking hours for funds to be credited from your local branch to the ICICI bank branch. Once the ICICI bank has received the funds at his corresponding branch from the local branch, it takes 24 banking hours for the money will be transferred to your beneficiary account.

You need to contact your local bank for the applicable charges of wire transfer. Generally, the ICICI bank levies a charge of INR 25 as a nominal foreign currency conversion charge and this charge is deducted from the amount that should be paid to the beneficiary. The Foreign currency conversion charges that are applied to the FCNR deposit includes USD 1, CAD 1, AUD 1, EUR 0.5, GBP 0.5, and others. The Swift / BIC Code applicable for ICICI Bank wire transfer is ICICINBBNRI.

You should ensure that your local bank mentions the name, account number, and address of the beneficiary in the payment message that is sent to the corresponding ICICI bank branch. It is required as per the regulatory requirement. You can prevent any undue delay during the transaction processing by mentioning the required details.

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