Wire transfer to Citibank in India

If you want to wire transfer the funds from foreign locations to the beneficiary’s Citibank account in India then you can do so by doing the telegraphic Transfers. You need to mention the below mentioned details in your remittance form for effecting the wire transfer.

– Currency in which you want to remit

– Amount to be remitted

– Beneficiary Name – It is the name of the Citibank NRI Account Holder that would receive the funds in India

– Remitting bank – This bank branch sends the message of funds transfer from the foreign location to the beneficiary bank in India

– Beneficiary Account Number – It is the Citibank NRI Account No where the funds are credited Beneficiary Bank Details – It is the Citibank branch that does the conversion of currency as per the exchanged rates. You are also required to mention the SWIFT CODE of Citibank branch in India.

Citibank in India This SWIFT code of the Citibank branch in India depends on the currency and it is CITIINBX for the New Zealand Dollar, Swiss Franc, Swedish Kroner and Hong Kong Dollar currencies. The beneficiary bank swift code is CITIINBXGCN for the USD, Pound Sterling, Euro, Canadian Dollar, Singapore Dollar Australian Dollar, Japanese Yen, and Arab Emirates Dhiram (AED)

You need to mention the additional information and instructions that are meant for Citibank NRI such as RCA to be credited, deposit period to be booked and others. Customers should also mention the attention NRI for capturing any additional information they want to submit.

You can check the below mentioned Customer Check List for transfer of funds from the External Bank to Citibank NRI Business

Beneficiary Account Number and Name

Swift Code of Beneficiary Bank in India – CITIINBXGCN or CITIINBX as per the currency Phrase

Mention “Attention NRI” for capturing additional information

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