Wire Transfer through Punjab National Bank

Punjab National Bank is offering the services of wire transfer called as PNB-NRI-REMIT-INDIA. It allows the customers to send the money to India via various modes including electronic deposit, Direct Deposit, and cheques.

To avail the remitting services of PNB you need to follow the below mentioned steps.

– You should enter the personal and beneficiary information at the https://www.pnb-nriremit.com/

– Now you should wait for 24hrs for receiving the two deposits and then log in to verify your account details

– You can send money and get the tracking number that allows you to keep track of your transaction.

– You can now send a free SMS to your beneficiary on the confirmation of your payment.

There are many advantages of using the PNB-NRI-REMIT-INDIA and these can be summarised as mentioned below.

Punjab National Bank – Hi-Speed Delivery and Large Branch Network

– Allows you to send the electronic deposits to all banks in India

– Good limit of sending up to $5000 per transaction

The time frame for receiving the amount by the beneficiary is usually three days following the beginning of your instructions. In case, the payments are made through the local clearing or check it will take more days depending on the time taken for the funds delivery.

The service fees for each transfer are as mentioned below

Check: $ 8.00

Direct Deposit: $ 8.00

Electronic Deposit: $ 8.00

There are limitations on the amount of money you can send and it depends on the type of payment method selected for sending money.

Check Payment: Fees Per Transaction is $5,000.00 and Monthly Total is $30,000.00

Direct Deposit: Per Transaction is $5,000.00 and Monthly Total is $30,000.00

Electronic Deposit: Per Transaction is $5,000.00 and Monthly Total is $30,000.00

For any sort of assistance on transfer of money you may call the customer service representative of PNB at 505-217-0971. You can also send your inquiries at support@pnb-nriremit.com.

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