Wire Transfer through CitiBank

CitiBank is offering the services of wire transfer that allows the customer to send money from the Citibank checking account to other non-Citi accounts across the U.S. and internationally. This feature helps a lot in making the one-time transaction to your friends or relatives in your home country.

Customer should ensure that they have the recipient’s account information available with them for sending wire transfer. The wires are sent very quickly and it is generally sent on the same business day before 6:00 p.m. ET.

Wire Transfer through CitiBankThe charges of Online Wire Transfer with Citigold account for Domestic transfer is $12.50 and for International transfer is $20.00

Benefits – There are many advantages of the Citibank wire transfer over traditional options of sending money. You will like the flexibility that comes with the Wire transfers as it allows you to set up one-time or recurring wires in advance. Moreover, customer can make savings and also reuse wires so that there would not be any need to submit the information again. You can also see the past and future wires records.

If you want to transfer money online with CitiBank then you can sign up by clicking on the following link.


Citibank allows only limited number of wire transfers for its customers from savings and money market accounts in a given statement period. The future or recurring international transfers are done only in U.S. dollars and the future or recurring International Check in any other foreign currency is not allowed.

The beneficiary bank that receives the wired funds is responsible for the receipt of funds. It informs the recipient of wire transfer about the status of the wire transfer and also the time when the funds become available. The charges for making the wire transfer are deducted from the actual amount received by the beneficiary.

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