What to do If I Forgot User Id or Password?

It happens sometimes, that you might forget your login ID or password for internet banking. In such cases, there is no need to panic as you can easily generate a new password online by following few simple steps. If you get stuck anywhere in the process of regenerating your password online, it is preferable to call the customer care representative of your bank and get your issue resolved. It is a better idea to go through the FAQ’s section if your bank websites and read complete procedure of regenerating your password online.

What to do if I forgot user Id or password? The process for regenerating the password online varies from bank to bank, however most common process involves answering a security personal question whose answer who have submitted at a time of your online account registration. In other cases, a link is sent to your email address that helps you in generating a new password in step by step manner.

In some cases, you will get the message “Access Denied”. It is because your account might get locked out for various reasons including not using NetBanking facility for over 180 days or entering the wrong password for more than 5 or 6 times. In such cases, you need to send an authenticated request to your Bank.

Measure for ensuring greater security for your password protection

(1) Make it a habit of logging out from Net Banking whenever you are leaving your PC.

(2) Always ensure to change your password continuously.

(3) Keep a “strong” 6 to 8 digit passwords using combination of number, alphabets and special characters. (

(4) Avoid name of family members, favourite player, etc.). Never ever reveal your password to anyone else.

(5) Never write down your password on paper that can be easily accessible to anyone.

(6) Try using screensaver password for your PC so that no one can access your work station when you are away from it.

(7) If you have any doubt, then immediately change your password.

(8) Never use internet banking from cyber café or public PC as they are not secured. If you have an emergency transaction to do, then ensure that you clear all your cache and cookies after your transaction, log off from net banking site and aware of shoulder surfing.

(9) Ensure to complete logoff from Net Bankingafter your session gets completed. Don’t shut down the window for Logging off as it may not log you off.

(10) On your personal PC, always use personal Firewall, to prevent unauthorised persons from accessing your PC.