What Can I Do With Internet Banking?

Internet Banking allows the customers to do many financial transactions from the comfort of one’s home. The range of services provided by internet banking varies from one bank to other. Some banks offer only entry level services while other banks provide advanced level services.

Some of the commonly used transactions that can be done with internet banking are as follows:

What can I do with Internet banking? Checking Account Balance: Internet Banking allows the customers to view their account balances. Moreover, customer can also see the transactions on their loans, deposits, credit card, and mortgage accounts. Almost every bank that provide internet banking service provide this service.

Check transaction entries: Customer can view the list of the last few transactions done in their account. It is also a common feature offered by internet banking websites.

International bank transfers: This facility is offered by some of the bank’s websites. Using this function customer can make bank transfers from their Swiss account to other bank accounts across the world in various currencies. For conducting such transaction, customer needs to furnish following details.

· Name and address of the receiving bank

· Name and address of the recipient

· SWIFT number

· Account number of recipient

In fact, it is regarded as the safest and fastest way for transferring money internationally.

E-broking: Some banks allow the customers to do E-broking on their websites. Customer can simply sit at their home and invest in the international stock market of the world including London, Paris, NYSE, NASDAQ, Frankfurt and other international stock exchanges. It is very easy to place buy and sell stocks over the internet and the brokerage fees are also very cheap.

Bill Payment: Most of the bank websites offer the service of bill payment via online banking facility. Moreover, many banks are offering this service for bill payment for free.

View and Print Bank Statements: Customer can view the bank statements of last six months to one year using online net banking. The no of months differs from one bank to other.

Transfer funds between same bank branches: Customers can easily transfer money from one bank branch to other bank branch of the same bank.

Third Part Transfer: Internet Banking allows the customers to transfer money from one bank account to any other bank account of different bank. This third party transfer can be done either via NEFT or RTGS transfer.

View mortgage account: Internet Online banking allows the customers to view the information about mortgage account such as escrow and payment history.

Get insurance quotes: With Online banking, customers can obtain quotes for many insurance products.

Credit Card line increment: It is very easy to request for Credit Card line increase with online banking.

E-statements: Customers can view their checking and savings statements online via e-Statements.

Order new checks: If customers are done with their check books, they can place order for new checks online.

Request a Stop Check: If customer has mistakenly submitted a check, he can place a stop order online on the check using the internet banking

Online Password Reset: Customers can generate a new password for using their internet banking account anytime using bank website. Also, in case customer forgets their Internet Banking Password, they can get a new password on their email by answering a security question. Thus, customer can get instant access to his internet banking.

Online Check Images: Some banks offer the service of viewing and printing their posted checks images online.