United Bank of India Wire Transfer

The swift Remittance facility offered by the United Bank of India allows the customers to send money quickly and securely. This is a form of wire transfer where the funds are wired electronically. It is the modern mode and it offers the benefits over the traditional mode of money. Any amount of money can be transferred to any branch of the Bank with wire transfer.

The remitter while sending the funds is required to mention the mandatory details about the beneficiary and himself to the remitting bank. These details should be made available for making the remittance.

The following details are compulsory while sending the SWIFT remittance to India from any other


United Bank of India Wire Transfer (1) United Bank of India’s Swift Code for remittance to India – UTBIINBBXXX

(2) Name of the Beneficiary Bank,

(3) Name of the Beneficiary Bank’s City and Branch along with complete postal address

(4)Name of the Beneficiary Customer, account number, address and phone number

It is advised that one should not mention NRE / NRO Saving Account Number while remitting funds for FCNR Deposit. It is done so as to avoid the funds conversion to INR. One should provide his/her Customer ID number for reference in these cases.

In addition to the SWIFT remittance facilities, it is also possible to send the remittance to India by various others ways as mentioned below.

(1) Remittance on collection basis

(2) By issuing a demand draft /Cashier’s cheque/official cheque that is drawn in foreign currency like EURO/JPY/ USD/GBP and others.

(3) Issuing the International Money Order in terms of foreign currency

(4)By drawing a personal cheque in foreign currency on the account existing abroad

For further details regarding the Wire Transfer facilities offered by United Bank of India, you can browse the following link.


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