Union Bank of India Internet Banking

Union bank of India Internet Banking is the facility that allows the bank’s customer to perform various banking transactions online. Itprovides convenience to do banking transactions from the comfort of one’s home. It provides the facility of Internet Banking Service to the customers of Core banking branches of UBI.

Union Bank of India Internet Banking Union Bank of India OnlineBanking Services

Salient features offered by Union Bank of India Online Banking Services are as follows:

Account Information:Customers can check online various account details including operative accounts, loan accounts, deposit accounts, etc. User can also check last few transactions, Print and save statement of accounts, Stop payment of cheques, Status of cheques issued, Temporary Overdraft details, etc.

Transfer of Funds:It allows the customers to transfer funds between self-accounts, status of fund transfers, transfer of funds to any third party account, scheduled funds transfer on a future date,

Status of pending and unapproved fund transfers, etc.

Bills:It allows the customer to do online bill payment for most of the utility bills including Telephone, Electricity, Gas, mobile etc. It allows the customers to schedule payments for a future date and view previous history of payments.

Online Requests:It allows the customers to make online requests for Issue of cheque book, Issue of Demand Draft, FD account opening, FD renewal, FD breaking, Switch mailing address, Compose and send mails to relationship manager.

Bulk Uploads: The Union e-banking corporate banking allows bulk upload of both debits and credits transactions.

Customization:The Union e-banking allows the customer to customize the Internet Banking options including changing of passwords, modifications of own profile, changing of date format, changing of amount format, changing address, phone no, etc.

Union Bank of India Login and Registration

Customers can easily get registered for Union Bank of India online banking service by following few simple steps. Customers need to download registration form from UBI Bank’s website at “http://www.unionbankofindia.co.in” and fill in all the required details. Once completed, customer has to submit the form to the branch where he/she has an account. The application of the customer is verified and processed at the branch. Customer will receive User ID and password directly at his/her registered mailing address. For security reasons, the user id and password is given to the customers in separate sealed envelopes.

Security features of Union Bank of India

UBI online banking offers safe and secured online banking transactions with real time access for different services offered under a full secure environment, implementing 128-bit encryption Secure Socket Layer ( SSL ). It is regarded as the highest level of security over internet. The information sent over the internet is encrypted and no one can access it. Moreover, with SSL, information reaches to its designated location in un- tampered form.

The security of the bank’s online transaction is duly certified by IDRBT which is a licensed Certifying Authority in India under Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA). UBI has adopted several stringent measures to ensure adequate security of transactions on the internet.