Top Five Wire Transfer Companies

There are many wire transfer companies world over that offer the various kinds of payment services including wire transfer, money order, cheque deposits and others.

Some of the well known wire transfer companies include the following.

Western Union Western Union – It offers the fast, secure and convenient ways to the consumers so that they can send and receive money throughout the world. It also helps in sending payments and purchasing the money orders. It is operating via a network of approx 430,000 agent locations in over 200 countries.

It offers consumer to consumer, consumer to business, business to business and other services.

MoneyGram – It is second largest Wire Transfer Company of the USA and offers the affordable and reliable payment services. It is operating into more than 203,000 locations across 190 countries. It has been offering the efficient services since past 70 years.

PayPal – PayPal is the easier and secure way of making payments and getting paid online. This service allows the user to make payments via buyer credit or account balances, credit cards, and bank accounts. It is secure and does not share financial information. It is renowned company that has received over 20 awards from the Internet industry and the business community. One drawback of Paypal is that it requires your receiver to have an online account.

Xoom – It is an online international money transfer service that provides fast and secure way of sending money from the website to the recipients in more than 30 countries. It offers many options and is convenient to use.

iKobo : iKobo was established in 2001 and it provides safer and economical solution for making international person-to-person money transfers. It forms a part of the M2 Global Ltd that is a suite of financial products for consumers and businesses.

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