Things to remember while using Internet Banking

There is no denying the fact that Internet Banking has made lives of the people easier and comfortable. However, one of the major concerns regarding internet banking is its security. One can do few small things to ensure that your banking details are safe and secure all time. You can prevent hacker attacks on your account by being more alert. .

image Security tips for Internet Banking are as follows:

(1)Do not logon to your internet bank account on public PC or cyber café. If it is urgent then clear cache and cookies of computer you have used and change your password immediately after reaching home.

(2) Do not logon to Internet Banking through any email link. Also, ensure to not reply to any emails which ask for your account number and password, personal credit card, debit card, etc. Bank will never send any emails for asking you these details.

(3) Ensure to check the padlock at the bottom of the webpage as it shows that you are visiting safe and secure websites.

(4) If you come to know of any fraudulent activity associated with your account then please act immediately and report it to your bank. It is preferable to logon to your bank account using the bank websites directly.

(5) Never expose your bank account details to anyone even if you get call from someone introducing themselves as Bank Employee

(6) Always keep a strong password and make it lengthy. Ideally, it should be more than 8 characters. Always keep a different login name and password. You should create your passwords as a combination of Letters, numbers, and symbols. Also, include upper and lower case characters in your password.

(7) You should avoid using Dictionary words in your password as Hacker can track your password by using dictionary attacks. Also, try to avoid sequences or repeated characters such as “1111” or “abcde”.

(8) Most of the time, people keep their name or family name in their password. However, it should be discouraged as someone close to you might know these details.

(9) Try using various characters from all over keyboard in your password. Also, for internet banking you should avoid password that is similar to yoursocial networking site as stealing password from social networking sites is easy job for hackers.

(10) You should avoid using online password storage and never tell your friends about your password. Also, do not write your password and keep it in notes. If you lost your notes then someone else can find it and use it. You should remember your password mentally.

(11) You should not keep the same password for long time. Keep changing your passwordas instructed by bank from time to time.

(12) It is preferable to shift your browser mode to “private browsing”if are using internet banking.Doing so will deleteall cookies and files from your PC.

(13) Keep upgrading your antivirus and browser from time to time. Also, ensure to purchase new version of antivirus if the old one gets expired.