State Bank of India Internet Banking

The Internet Banking service provided by State Bank of India is referred to as OnlineSBI by the bank.

OnlineSBI is regarded as the Internet banking portal for SBI. The portal offers anywhere, anytime, online access to banking services for SBI’s retail and corporate customers. OnlineSBI is developed by using advanced technology and tools. The infrastructure is robust and supports secure access to banking services for more than 13,000 branches across India.

OnlineSBI is made for all the customers who have an account at aninternet enabled branch of SBI. Customers with account with internet enabled branch require to get registered for the Internet banking service with the branch. In case the customer’s branch is not internet enabled, he can transferhis existing account from his branch to an OnlineSBI branch.

State Bank of India Internet Banking OnlineSBI Online Banking features

State Bank of India internet banking or OnlineSBI offers wide array of services to the customers including most commonly accessed banking features. It has made the life easier for the customers by offering stress free banking transactions from their home.

Some of the salient features offered by State Bank of India online banking are as follows:

· Checking account balance and see previous transactions

· Pay Utility Bills

· e-Rail reservation service using SBI accounts.

· Mutual Funds investments with SBI account

· Online Monitoring of accounts activity

· Request for new cheques online

· VISA Money Transfer

· Update personal profile like address and phone number

· Check the status of the cheques online

· Check and Print Bank statements for past few months

· Online payment of taxes

· Online Transferring of funds between accounts

· Demat Account Statement

· TDS Enquiry

Apply for OnlineSBI (Internet Banking)

In order to apply for OnlineSBI Online Banking, customers can visit the site at “http://” and download the application form for Online Banking. The form can also be obtained from the branch.

After completing the application form, it can be submitted to any nearest branch of the bank. On successful processing of the application, customer will receive User Id, Login Password and Transaction password. Customer can login to net banking site of OnlineSBI using the UserID and login password. Once logged in customer can avail many online banking services offered by Bank and perform various financial transactions.

The User Id & Passwords for login to the OnlineSBI will be sent to the registered address of customer with the Bank. Customer should ensure that his current address is updated in the Bank’s record. It is suggested that new customers should completely read the general information page so that they will get the idea of using the various banking services online. It is very easy to conduct all the banking transactions online. It is useful for those who are unfamiliar with online banking service.

OnlineSBI Security Features

The OnlineSBI or online internet banking service of State Bank of India is highly secure. It allows the customer to avail SMS based high security which is an additional layer of security offered for your transactions. Customers are recommended to enable this feature. When this feature is enabled, customer will receive ahigh security password by SMS while doing various online transactions such as transferring funds to third party accounts, issuing a demand draft, etc. This password is required by the customer for successfully completing the transaction.

OnlineSBI transactions are protected by most stringent security systems that use a completely secure medium. All the transactions use an SSL encrypted medium (128-bit to 256-bit SSL tunnel) which is regarded as the highest level of internet security.

Moreover, the presence of EV-SSL Certificates ensures server’s authenticity thatrenders the session encrypted and safeguards users from trusting any unauthorised sites.This certificate is provided by Verisign, the leading Internet Certification Authority of world.