Lloyds TSB Bank Internet Banking

Lloyds Internet Banking is one of the leading Internet banking services provider that is dedicated to provide world class Internet banking and financial services for its customers. It is safe to use Lloyds TSB Bank accounts as they keep personal data and account details completely secure. It is easy and simple to open a Lloyds TSB Bank accounts with great benefits and competitive interest rates.

Lloyds TSB Bank Internet Banking Lloyds TSB Bank Online Banking features

Lloyds TSBprovides fast, convenient and easy way for using banking services to its customers such as online account management, funds transfer, and range of other customer services.

View and Print account statements: Customers can view and print the account statements by date, amount or payment type. One can view the old transactions up to year 2002. It is easy to download

statements into any financial software package.

View Online Account Balance:Customers can view real time balances anytime and anywhere

up to the last minute balance. It comes with money manager options that keep track of money going in and out of customer’s accounts.

Manage Direct Debits and standing orders: User can easily set up, change or even cancel standing orders. It is easy to view and cancel most of Direct Debits.

Online Bill Payments: One can pay various utility and online bills anytime and anywhere. Bank has faster Payments Service. Customers can also manage bills online with Lloyds TSB Bill manager. One can receive online bills and make Bill payments instantly.

Stop paper statementsOnline: One can select to stop receiving paper statements. One can also order free copy paper statements and manage all the Lloyds TSB accounts

View multiple account details: One can easily view and operate other Lloyds TSB accounts such as credit cards, savings and loan accounts. It offers the facility of making application for new products,

new or increased overdraft, credit card or loan, etc.

Online profile modification: Customers can upgrade their current account and open online savings accounts. It is also easy to do online registration for free Mobile Banking.

Online Cheque Details: One can order cheque and view cheque status online. It is also easy to order foreign currency and travellers cheques.

Lloyds TSB Bank NetBanking login and registration

Customer needs to get registered for availing online net banking facilities. One can easily get registered for Internet Banking by following few simple steps. Customers need to visit the bank website at http://www.lloydstsb.com and keep his/her bank account or credit card details handy before starting the registration. User can click on the register online button on site page. One needs to complete all the required details and fill in password of his/her choice. After completing the online form, one needs to click on Register button at the bottom. The application will get processed and customer will receive personal User ID number within 3 working days via mailer.

Customer can use the User ID and password for login to access net banking anytime and anywhere.

Lloyds TSB Bank Internet Banking security features

Llyods Internet Banking employs highest levels of industry-standard security technologies for ensuring safety of online banking. Even if a customer loses money by any fraud, Llyods Internet Banking will make complete refund. It uses high tech anti-fraud systems for identifying unusual activity along with a telephone challenge process for blocking any attacks. Bank suggests customers various security tips to keep their online transactions secure from time to time.