ICICI Bank Internet Banking

ICICI Bank is second-largest bank of country with total assets of more than US$ 81 billion. It is renowned for offering a wide array of banking products and financial services targeted at corporate and retail customers via a variety of delivery channels. At present, this service is available to the following type of ICICI Bank account holders including Savings Account holders, Demat Account holders, Credit Card holders, and Loan Account holders. Customers who are Joint account holders, they can also apply for the online banking service by submitting the duly completed Internet Banking Form at any of ICICI Bank Branch.

ICICI Bank Internet Banking ICICI Bank Internet Banking Features

Salient features offered by ICICI internet banking are as follows:

· Online Balance enquiry: Customers can check and view the online account summary and balance.

· Transaction history: Customers can also view and print transaction history

· Online Funds Transfer (eCheques): Customer can do the online fund transfers between self ICICI Bank A/cs of the customers.

· Online Funds transfer to any ICICI Bank a/c: Customers can do online fund transfer to any branch of ICICI bank.

· Online funds transfer to any non ICICI Bank a/c : Customers can do online fund transfers to any non-ICICI bank in more than 15 cities.

· Credit card: Customers can view and print past statements.

· Demat: Customer can view transactions details

· Bill Payment: Customers can make online bill payments for various utility bills such as Telephone, Electricity, Mobile, Insurance etc.

· Online service requests such as applying for a Credit Card, Debit Card.

· Online cheque request including ordering a new cheque book, stop cheque request and Cheque status inquiry

· Online application for opening a Fixed Deposit and Recurring Deposit account

· Apply for a Value Added Savings Account and Phone Banking facilities

· Ticket Booking: Customers can book online rail tickets quickly.

ICICI Bank lnternet Banking login and registration

In order to register for ICICI internet banking facility, customers are required to downloadregistration form from the websitewww.icicibank.com and duly complete it. Customer can drop the form at any ICICI Bank branch or ATM drop box. Customer should take complete care for completing the mandatory fields. Customer will receive two pin mailers from ICICI Bank after successful registration including Internet Banking User id, Login password and Transaction password.

For login to bank website for net banking, customer requires two passwords including login password for logging in to ICICI Bank.com and Transaction Password for completing on ICICI Bank.com. Customer can keep same passwords for login password and transaction password.

In order to login for accessing bank internet facility, customer needs to visit ICICI bank website and opt for internet banking option. By using the User Id, login password and transaction password, customer can carry online transactions over the internet.

ICICI Bank Internet Banking Security

ICICI Bank.com is certified by the world leading certification authority VeriSign. It offers heightened security features which use the sophisticated multi layered architecture with 128 bit encryption facility to maintain confidentiality of data. In case, someone enters wrong user id and password 3 times, the account gets automatically locked. To strengthen the security of the transactions with ICICI Internet Banking, customers are required to use Double Authentication factor including two passwords for accessing the account including login password and transaction password.