HDFC Bank Internet Banking

HDFC Bank is the leading private sector bank of India that was established in 1994. It has nationwide network of more than 2000 branches and over 5500 ATM’s across various Indian towns and cities. HDFC Bank offers internet banking facilities for all its customers who are HDFC Bank Savings and Current account holders. At present, HDFC Bank is offering the netbanking facility for free.

NetBanking service is designed to offer the real time transactions and all transactions will affect the balance automatically. It is regarded as the most suitable and powerful way of managing your account. It allows the customers to access anytime, anywhere banking. HDFC Bank’s NetBanking service is secure as it employs industry-standard technologies and infrastructure.

HDFC Bank Internet Banking HDFC Bank Online Banking features

Salient features offer by HDFC banks are as follows:

· Check your Account Balance

· View and Print account statement

· View cheque status Online and Ask for a Cheque Book

· View details of your Fixed Deposit and TDS details

· View and print your Demat Account

· Update profile including address and phone numbers

· View HDFC bank Credit card bills online

· Check Mutual funds portfolio online

· Online request for stop cheque and online bill payment

· Online funds transfers within bank branches and funds transfer to a third party

· Online request for a new Fixed Deposit and online shopping

· Online Buying and selling of Mutual Funds

HDFC Bank NetBanking login and registration

Customers need to open an account with HDFC Bank before registering for NetBanking facility.

There are basically three ways for registering to Netbanking features.

Phone BankingRegistration: Customer can make call toPhone Banking number in his city and

authenticate by telling Customer Identification Number & Telephone Identification Number. Alternatively authentication can be done by Debit Card & PIN. Once authenticated, Phone Banking Agent will process your NetBanking registration request and IPIN will be couriered to mailing address registered with the bank within 5 days.

Branch Visit: Customer can download and complete the registration form. They need to submit the form at their nearest branch and then IPIN (password) will be mailed to address registered with bank.

ATM Registration- Customer can also register via HDFC Bank ATM.

HDFC Bank Internet Banking security features

HDFC Bank employs stringent security measures for providing secure transactions using the HDFC Bank’s NetBanking facility. There are many checks used by HDFC for safeguarding NetBanking transactions. Customers are required to enter unique customer ID and IPIN (password) for verifying his/her identity before accessing his account. It uses a technology called Secured Socket Layer (SSL) that encrypts the data travelling over the internet and it is regarded as the highest level of security available over the internet.

Customer account gets locked if there is any unauthorised attempt is made for accessing the account. Also, whenevera customer logged in to NetBanking, his last date and time of log-in is automatically displayed to ensure nobody else can access his/her account. There is a team of experts that monitors the access to the web server and helps in preventing unauthorised access.