Deutsche Bank Wire Transfer

The Deutsche Bank offers the SWIFT/wire transfer facilities that allow the user to transfer funds to any bank account with Deutsche Bank in India. The procedure of sending money is very simple and convenient with Wire Transfer feature.

To initiate the process of sending money via wire transfer, you need to instruct your bank that is located outside India for transferring the funds to Deutsche Bank branch in India. You need to mention the SWIFT / BIC Code of Deutsche Bank as DEUTINBBPBC in addition to the various correspondent bank details of sending and receiving Bank.

In case the customer wants to transfer the funds from his local bank branch in US or other foreign location to the Savings/Current Account of beneficiary that is maintained with Deutsche Bank in India, customer should provide the following information while submitting the request for wire transfer of funds to the local bank in US.

Deutsche Bank Wire Transfer (1) Amount of the money that needs to be transferred

(2) Currency in which to make the transfer

(3) Beneficiary Name (It includes the name of the account holder in Deutsche Bank)

(4) Beneficiary Bank Account Number ( It includes the account no. of the Deutsche Bank in India)

(5) Beneficiary Bank ( It includes the Deutsche Bank, India)

(6) Beneficiary Bank Branch (It includes the name of Deutsche Bank branch in India)

(7) Beneficiary Bank Swift / BIC Code (DEUTINBBPBC)

(8) Applicable Charges ( It should be mentioned as "Our" so as to ensure that the correspondent bank and remitting bank charges are applied at the point of origination and beneficiary receives the full money)

(9) Correspondent Bank (It includes the Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas )

(10) Correspondent Bank Account Number (It includes the account number of sender)

(11) Correspondent Bank Location and Correspondent Bank Swift / BIC Code

For further details regarding the quick money transfer, you may click on the link below.

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