Bank of Maharashtra Internet Banking

The Internet Banking service provided by Bank of Maharashtra is referred to as Mahaconnect by the bank. Bank of Maharashtra provides 24 hours access to banking services and financial transactions to the customers who can enjoy these facilities from the comfort of their home. Mahaconnect has become widely popular among Bank of Maharashtra customers as it provides great flexibility for carrying out banking transactions.

Mahaconnect has gradually transformed from “nice to have” feature to “need to have” feature for the customers.Mahaconnect is made for all the customers of CBS branches of Bank of Maharashtra. Thus, customer only needs an active internet connection along with PC with minimum PII processor, 32 MB RAM, any browser such as Internet Explorer 5.0 or above for availing the net banking facility.

Bank of Maharashtra Internet Banking Mahaconnect Online Banking features

Bank of Maharashtra internet banking or Mahaconnect offers wide array of services to the customers including most commonly accessed banking features. It has made the life easier for the customers by offering stress free banking transactions from their home.

Some of the salient features offered by Bank of Maharashtra online banking are as follows:

Checking account balance and see previous transactions

Online Transferring of funds between accounts

Check and Print Bank statements for past few months

Online payment of taxes

Online Monitoring of accounts activity

Update personal profile like address and phone number

Check the status of the cheques online

Request for new cheques online

Apply for Mahaconnect (Internet Banking)

In order to apply for Mahaconnect Online Banking, customers can visit the site at “” and download the application form for Online Banking. The form can also be obtained from the branch.

After completing the application form, it can be submitted to any nearest branch of the bank. On successful processing of the application, customer will receive User Id, Login Password and Transaction password. Customer can login to net banking site of Mahaconnect using the UserID and login password. Once logged in customer can avail many online banking services offered by Bank and perform various financial transactions.

The User Id & Passwords for login to the Mahaconnect will be sent to the registered address of customer with the Bank. Customer should ensure that his current address is updated in the Bank’s record. It is suggested that new customers should completely read the general information page so that they will get the idea of using the various banking services online. It is very easy to conduct all the banking transactions online. It is useful for those who are unfamiliar with online banking service.

Mahaconnect Security Features

The Mahaconnect or online internet banking service of Bank of Maharashtra is highly secure and provides hassle free and secure financial transactions. The high level of security measures ensure that the customer’s account information and online transactions are well protected. It employs 128-bit encryption codes for encryption of data so that no one else can view or decipher the online transactions. The presence of firewalls provides security against any unauthenticated programs. These data security measures and encryption standards of Bank of Maharashtra are of international standards.