Bank of India Internet Banking Services

The internet banking facilities offered by Bank of India is referred as StarConnect. It is basically an online banking services portal for offering wide array of banking services to the bank’s customers over the internet. This online service allows you to do virtually all the banking activities from comforts of home or office.

StarConnect Internet Banking Services allows anytime anywhere access to banking accounts. It provides many online banking features from the comfort of one’s home such as transferring funds, third party payments, banking transaction details, viewing/ printing of account statement, tax payments, utility bill payments, ticket booking, etc.

Bank of India Internet Banking Services StarConnectOnline Banking Services

Customers can experience hassle free Banking, Share Trading, Remittances, and Payments with Star Connect Banking features.

BOI STAR e-Pay: It allows the customers to make utility payments from comfort of home or office. There are no more late payments, no more queues or hassles of cheque deposition.

Star e-Remit Service: It allows customer to transfer money from any bank account in US to any account in India.

Star Share trade: Customers can enjoy transparent and effortless way of trading in shares online.Customer can invest in shares traded on the Stock Exchanges with few mouse clicks from their home.

Direct Taxes,Central Excise & Service Tax Payment: Customer can easily pay Direct taxes, Central Excise and Service Tax online with no queues and last minute stress.

DGFT Online e Payment: Customers can make e Payment to DGFT online without any need to visit the Bank.

Online Airlines and Railways Ticket Booking: customers can now book air and railways tickets online.

Online Interbank Fund Transfer: It offers RTGS/NEFT transfer of funds within bank and to other banks via third party transfer.

StarConnect Login and Registration

For login to access StarConnectonline banking services, one needs to use User ID and Password provided by the bank. Customers are required to get registered for availing this free online banking service. For registration customer needs to submit the completely filled in application to his/her bank branch. The application will be processed by the branch and after this, customer will receive separate sealed envelopes for User id and Passwords via mails at registered mailing address.

For login to access online banking services, customer has to visit Net Banking Web site at and needs User id, Login Password and Transaction Password provided by bank for successful login.

StarConnect Security Features

StarConnect offers robust and stringent security measures for offering secure and hassle free transactions. It uses 128Bit SSL mode encryption technique for providing safe and secure transactions over the internet. Moreover, Bank of India recommends wide array of security

tips for its customers to ensure effective protection against any potential threats. It suggests customers to not access bank account from public PC or cyber café, beware of phishing attacks, keep your password safe, Install Anti-Virus, patches and enable firewall.