Bank of Baroda Internet Banking

The internet banking service offered by Bank of Baroda is referred as a “Baroda Connect” which is an internet portal of all the banking products and services offered by the bank via internet. Bank of Baroda is a prominent bank of India that has branches spreading across 26 countries worldwide. It was established in 1908 and since then made remarkable progress in the Indian banking scene. Baroda connect provides the banking services to its customers anytime and anywhere via the internet banking. Customers need to have an active internet connection to access Baroda connect facility. It has a Centralized dedicated Internet Banking Operations Team with more than 3200+ Support centre across all over India.

Bank of Baroda Internet Banking Baroda Connect Online Banking Features

Salient features of Baroda Connect Online Banking are as follows:

Anytime and anywhere banking: It allows customers to check their account balance, do funds transfer and range of other banking transaction from the comfort of their home or office.

Fund Transfer: It allows the customer to transfer funds online within BOB and to other Bank branches across India using NEFT and RTGS banking transactions.

Tax Payment: Customers can now pay their Direct and Indirect taxes online and receive an instant TAX receipt.

Online Ticket: Customers can book online rail or air ticket booking without any additional charges.

IPO / FPO: Customers can do freeonline subscription of IPO/FPO issue via ASBA.

Online cheque book request/ request for stop payment Online

Change your address or contact details online

E-Commerce Facilities: Customer can now pay their utility bills online and do online shopping

Institution fees: It allows online fees payment of over 125 schools or institutions

Baroda Connect Login and Registration

Customers can easily get registered for Baroda connect online banking service by following few simple steps. Customers need to download registration form from Bank’s website and fill in all the required details. Once completed, customer has to submit the form to the branch where he/she has an account. The application of the customer is verified and processed at the branch. Customer will receive User ID directly at his/herregistered mailing address within 7 working days.

Once the user id is received, customer needs to collect password from his/her branch. The User ID will be enabled by the branch once the proof of delivery is signed by customer.Customer can access “Baroda Connect”, 24 hours after User ID is enabled by the branch. For security reasons, the user id and password in given to the customers in separate sealed envelopes.

In order to access Baroda connect, customer has to visit Baroda Connect site, Once on the home page, customer can select “Retail User” or “Corporate User” as per the account. Now, customer needs to login via the User ID and password provided to him for internet banking transactions.

Security features of Baroda Connect

Baroda Connect offers safe and secured online banking transactions with 128 SSL (Secured Socket Layer) that is regarded as the highest level of security over internet. Bank of Baroda has adopted several stringent measures to ensure adequate security of transactions on the internet.

All the transaction done over the internet via Baroda Connect uses encrypted form that ensures no one can decipher the information sent over the internet. The security of the bank’s online transaction is duly certified by Verisign.