ANZ Bank Internet Banking

ANZ Bank provides online banking as a free service for all its customers to allow them to access online banking services conveniently from the comfort of one’s home. It enables customer to do financial transactions 24 hour a day and 365 days a year. It fulfils the need of mobile banking of today’s customer as it is necessary part of their account management. It is cost efficient banking solution that offer cheapest banking options with ANZ Internet Banking Guarantee. Moreover, ANZ will not hold customers liable for any unauthorised transactions if they complied with ANZ Internet Banking T& C’s.

ANZ Bank Internet Banking ANZ Bank Online Banking features

ANZ online banking allows customer to explore new way of banking, anytime and from anywhere, provided one has access to an internet connection.

Salient features offered by ANZ online banking are as follows:

View Account Balances and transactions: Customers can view the account balances and transaction history of all the accounts including savings, current, loan accounts, etc.

Online Funds Transfer: Customer can Transfer funds between his/herANZ accounts. User can also transfer funds to another individual or businessaccounts via third party transfer.

Online Bill Payment: Customers can pay bills of most of their utility services from one’s home or office by using Net banking facility.

Online Tax payments: Customer can make payments for direct and indirect taxes directly to the Inland Revenue Department.

International services: Customer can transfer funds overseas and buy international drafts.

Manage your loan: Customer can make one-off or recurring payments for selected loan accounts.

Credit card statements: Customers can view the details of transactions on his/her personal credit cards via ANZ Internet Banking.

Multiple payments: It allows the facility of multiple payments through a single debit from an ANZ business account.

Grant other parties to access your accounts: Customers can allow other parties involved in the business to access their accounts.

ANZ Bank Net Banking login and registration

In order to register for ANZ Internet Banking, customer needs Customer Registration Number and PIN that is provided to customer while registering for ANZ Phone Direct. There is no need of filling separate registration form and submitting it at the branch.

Customers, who are registered for phone direct service, simply need to click on the “Register now” button on bottom of page for registering for ANZ Bank net banking feature.

In case of those customers who are not registered for ANZ Phone direct, they need to obtain their Customer Registration number and PIN by getting in touch with ANZ Customer Service.

ANZ Bank Internet Banking security features

ANZ offers efficient security measures for protecting the personal account information and ensuring that transactions and personal information are protected. Moreover, ANZ Internet Banking utilises a firewall along with encryption technology for providing best security available for protecting their password, account details and other sensitive information via SecureMail. The firewall mechanism prevents unauthorised access to ANZ Bank network. It also encrypts the personal data using 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology which is the highest level of security available over the internet for transactions and communications.