Andhra Bank Internet Banking

Andhra Bank is one of the oldest banks of India that started its operations in 1923. It has more than 1659 branches across India and over 15674 staff members. It is actively engaged in providing technological advanced banking services for the masses in the country. It is well equipped for offering world class banking services of the 21st century. It offers internet banking facilities as a free service so that customers can access banking services online from the comfort of one’s home. The online banking service offered by Andhra Bank is termed as AB INFI-net Internet Banking.

Andhra Bank Internet Banking AB INFI-net Internet Banking

AB INFI-net Internet Banking offers a wide array of online banking services to its customers such as online account management, funds transfer, online bill payment, online requests, ability to customize personal profile, etc.

Online Account Management: It will allow customers to display all details including the Status, Customer Id, Balance of various accounts including Operative accounts, Deposit Accounts, Loan Accounts, etc.

View and check Account Statement: This allows customers to view and check account statement in various formats including word, excel or PDF format.

Online Bill Payment: Customers can make online Bill Payment for various Utility Bills such as water bill, electricity bills, telephone bills, etc. Moreover, customers can get the alerts option for Pending Payments, Pending Presented Bills and Bills Awaiting Acceptance. Also, customers can online view

Pending Payments, make New Payment, and print payment history.

Funds Transfer: Customers can do online funds transfer between accounts using Self Fund Transfers. It features fund Transfer, status Inquiry and Pending Transfers.

Third Party Transfer: With AB INFI-net Internet Banking, customers can process Third Party Funds Transfer for transferring funds to accounts of other banks across the country.

Requests: AB INFI-net Internet Banking allows the customer to make online requests for Cheque Book, DD Request, Pin Reissue, Term Deposit Opening and Transaction Password

Mails: Customers can send online emails to Relationship Manager (RLM) and receive communications from bank.

Customize: Customers can also customize his profile for customizing parameters such as date format, Amount format, minimum balance, etc.

Activity: Customers can online view different financial and non-financial activities.

AB INFI-net Internet Banking login and registration

Customers need to get registered for accessing AB INFI-net Internet Banking services. They need to submit the duly filled registration form at the bank branch for processing. After successful authentication and completion of registration formalities, a Login Id, and Login password are sent to the customer via courier at the address registered with the bank.

In addition to it, customers also need a transaction password for doing online banking transaction. This transaction password needs to be collected from the branch where the account is maintained.

AB INFI-net Internet banking security features

Andhra Bank uses highly advanced digital security found in major financial institutions across the world. It employs encryption codes to render the data indecipherable, and uses protocols whose complexity exceeds the capability of current computers to crack it. Moreover, Andhra Bank internet banking transactions are also protected by firewalls that do not allow anyone to view the transactions being conducted between the user and the bank. To strengthen the security of the transactions done overAB INFI-net Internet Banking, customers are required to use Double Authentication factor including two passwords for accessing the account including login password and transaction password.