Allahabad Bank Internet Banking

Allahabad Bank is the Oldest Joint Stock Bank of India that was established on April 24, 1865. It holds the unique record of banking history spanning three centuries. Allahabad Bank is among the leading banks of country that offers strong digital security for conducting financial transactions over the internet.

Allahabad Bank Internet Banking Allahabad Bank Online Banking features

Salient features of Allahabad Bank Internet Banking are as follows:

Account Summary:Customers can view and print the details of their account along with the current balance. It includes, total balance, Uncleared balance, available balance etc.

Online Transactions: User can view, print and download the last few transactions for the specified period.

Online requests: User can make online requests for many services including stop payment, revoke stop payment and change in contact number.Stop Payment facility allows the customer to stop a single cheque or many cheques in selected account by providing the reason. Moreover, user can also revoke stop payment on cheques and modify the personal profile including phone no., mobile no., email etc.

Online Funds Transfer: customer can make online funds transfer between following accounts.

(1) Self-account transfer: User can transfer funds from one account to his/her other account as per the daily transfer limit fixed by the bank.

(2) Beneficiary Accounts: Customer can make online fund transfer from self-account to any other third party account. User need to provide the third party’s account number for adding it as a beneficiary account. Moreover, user can view all the added beneficiaries and modify details of a beneficiary by selecting it.

Standing Order: User can also provide standing orders for fund transfer from one account to another on a predefined frequency.

E-payment:Customer can pay Direct and Indirect Taxes using E payment facility by debiting the account online. User can also print the cyber receipt and challan. User can also get prints for

duplicate receipts of already paid taxes.

Cheque Details: User can check the status of anissued cheque or range of cheques. Moreover, the request for new cheque book can also be made online.

TDS Detail: Customer can also view the TDS Details in your account. It allows the user to communicate with Internet Banking Administrator by sending and receiving mails.

s Customer can modify the details of personal profile online. User can view and update Contact Details, Change Login Password, Change Transaction Password, Change User Preference, etc.

Allahabad Bank NetBanking login and registration

Customers need to get registered for Allahabad online banking services for accessing their account details online. Customer need to complete a form and submit it at a bank’s branch. After successful verification, Bank branch sends two Password Mailers at the registered address of the customer. These separate mailers contain ‘Net Banking Login’ Password and ‘NetBanking Transaction’ Password respectively.

In order to login customer needs to visit and go to the login page of internet banking. Customer is required to login using ‘User ID’ and the NetBanking Login Password. Transaction Password is needed in cases where financial transactions are involved.

Allahabad Bank Internet Banking security features

Allahabad Bank offers secure and safe Internet Banking Services as evident from the fact that the site is certified from IDRBT, Hyderabad. Customers need to use browsers that support 128-bit encryption for accessing Internet Banking facility. Allahabad Bank internet banking transactions are protected by firewalls, which prevent outside sources from viewing the transactions being conducted between the user and the bank.